Another day in the studio! Just been CONSTANTLY busy trying to get my Kickstarter launched, along with listing up all my original artwork on Etsy, and all my artwork for prints on fineartamerica. ALSO, I had to start 3 new paintings for commission that are due at the end of next week, and require the utmost tedious care. BLAHHH, lets just say I'm exhausted. 

Anywhere here's a photo from todays studio session...

Energy and persistence conquer all things.

— Benjamin Franklin

BEFORE I GO, I just wanna leave a few lines of poetry. I might start doing this everyday...


To find the root is to meet the source of the fruit,

Red coursing through the meat of the brute,

Playing strong against fiddle-heads 'till you hear the flutes,

No sign of loot until the warriors buckle their boots,

Glued to pixel tubes and foreign boobs,

Booed off stage by the unlikeliest enemy,

I'm part of humanity so I've never found serenity, 

Been addled by problems further than Mozambique,

Toes wishing they were feet, swishing in the creek,

Diminished by low interest and wages that don't interest,

You, unless you're Me, ego-fed 360 degrees,

Feast like Feds on bodies that've dropped,

It's a carnival of corpses that wish they'd never rot.