Number 6

Inspiration does exist, but it must find you working.
— Pablo Picasso

The Kickstarter Project is Going Great!

We've Raised $1923 in 10 Days!

I'm EXTREMELY excited for how the project has turned out. After ONLY ten days we've raised almost 30% of the funds, and are steadily climbing everyday. I've been working on the rewards for the donors, planning and mapping out the designs for the other 5 paintings that I will be posting on the Kickstarter as official update soon as well.

An example of the reward for people donating $10 or more to my Kickstarter Project

An example of the reward for people donating $10 or more to my Kickstarter Project

Also the project was listed as #2 ranking for painting projects on Kickstarter just this morning, and was also featured on a second blog for trending projects! This is all AMAZING news and I only hope it can keep up! 

My Kickstarter Project ranked as #2 in the painting projects section

Kicksp Blog featuring my project as a trending Kickstarter this week


Also, I've been finishing up some commission work for a client, here's 1 finished, and 1 almost finished.

This is the finished commission piece.

Another commission piece that is ALMOST done.

A little poetry before I go...


If darkness is a destination, I was born there, 

If hope is just a dream, it's the only one I want to sleep through,

If battle is the only means for peace, how do you find truth?

If the light is forgotten, the people lose evil's proof,

Editing history, now imagine if Satan was the editor,

Who knows who's right or wrong, left or right?

If we're already lost, who can find the stranded?

If we need guidance, who can lead who's never been led,

Cycles spin like washers and rims, nature and whims,

Thoughts never stopping, mouth always yawning, 

If mortality exists, why do we sprint to 401ks and retirement homes?

If morality exists, why do we hide secrets and face failure all alone?


My Kickstarter Project 

Here's a link to the project page if you're interested in more I'll Paint Your Story!