#PrayforParis #PrierpourParis

Over 150 Dead in Paris today; A horrible loss.


Before getting to any of my work this week, I wanted to mention the atrocity that is still currently happening over in France as I type this. Sometimes, the world is ferociously dark. Over 150 people were taken captive and killed in a hostage/terror-type situation that unfolded at the Bataclan concert halls in Paris. I couldn't be more remorseful for the people of France, for our brothers, for humanity. It's astonishing to still see this radicalized anger and aggression aimed towards peaceful, civil people. Life isn't just some game, once these poor victims are dead, they're dead, and that's it. It's atrocious to see this, that whatever the motives of the attackers were, to still go through with and instigate these crimes. So many lives were taken much earlier than needed, and I'm sad to still see this happen. Our world is in a fluctuating state, one that could end in turmoil or togetherness, but it's ultimately up to us, humanity- how we will react, how we can prevent this in the future, and how we can outgrow these psychopathic tendencies of a naive species. I'm sending all my love over the Atlantic. 

Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it.
— Thomas Paine

Studio Work from this Past Week

I've finished up a ton of work this past week, including a new stand alone piece of a Eurasian Eagle Owl, a background for another owl piece in the future, the background of a new dreamscape piece, finished an older landscape, patched up and fixed an old oil painting, and finished a tryptic landscape of Gulf Hagas in Maine. Not to mention the sketches as well. Here is all the recent work below...

"Three Islands." 18 x 24 inches. Acrylic Paint. For Sale $200.

"Eurasian Eagle-Owl." 20 x 30 inches. Acrylic paint. For sale $400.

"Blue Man." 20 x 30 inches. Oil paint. For Sale $150 (Damaged, recently repaired this week).

Prep for another owl painting coming soon!

A new dreamscape painting in progress.

A sketch from this past week.

Another recent drawing from my sketchbook.

Gulf Hagas Tryptic. Recently finished.

My country is the world, and my religion is to do good.
— Thomas Paine


Just a few lines reflecting on my current state:


Floral prints in backgrounds of rooms that echo cultural tid-bits,

Lips slip in and out of dreams and scenes that bleed into peaceful hills of green,

Critical to be less aggressive, or otherwise end self-destructive,

Need to be impressive but stressors mess with the active,

Passive only to other loving entities,

Meant to be free, sent to Earth to create like Neptune did the sea,

I bet I'll be worth more than casinos when my body drops six feet below,

Heat under rows of rowboats that float through magma rivers,

Find the source like your life depends on it, till your lip quivers,

Stickler for crunchy pot stickers, weed with whiskers and Snickers,

Whiskey and shaved pussy, cats and flannel sheets stained with liquor,

Tick-tock on the clock till the alarm rocks the hungover noggin' to stand quicker,

I hate to bicker, used to drown in it though,

Sad to be found long-winded full of white people woes,

Then I dropped that harder than I dropped out of debt slavery, 

I mean child idiocy, I mean college, 'cause financially I couldn't stand on my feet,

Met defeat when Boston buses almost hit me blacked-out on bourbon, 

Rum, and any handle I got my hands on, I was pretty hand's on,

Found foolishness and lost that addiction, rehab to my consciousness,

Down with pity shit, up with wittiness,

Video all my day's memories to collect followers like I'm Moses,

Can't part a sea, but can retweet to half a G,

Three-peat like MJ the G, and keep livin' like it's the 23rd century.

My Kickstarter Project!

With Only One Week Left, it Looks Great!

70% Funded! $4800 of $6800! 7 Days Left!



Thank you ALL so much for sharing, liking, retweet, posting for, and donating any little bit you can to my Kickstart Project. It's literally been a dream come true to see this all bloom right before me. Whether we hit the goal or not this has been an amazing growth period for me and shown me so much about how to put together a great project. Though I think we CAN fully fund this project, and I'll be on to sending rewards to all the backers, finalized plans for the trip, and leave January to start this how thing! I'm SO excited and again you all have been so amazing I can thank you enough!!! 



And keeping in line with my first 2 Thomas Paine quotes, here's a third to wrap up all the parts of this blog post- The Attacks in Paris, my new paintings, planning of the road trip and my crowdfunding Kickstarter Project. 

We have it in our power to begin the world over again.
— Thomas Paine