Thirteen: DC to Savannah

Day IV


We woke up and got moving by 9, heading out of Richmond, Virginia towards Savannah. Since we took the i95 we got to see a good portion of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. Virginia was pretty run of the mill, with some rural mountains and a change of trees, which became even more pronounced as you head deeper south.

North Carolina had the most littered highways, where it resembled more of a gutter than a highway shoulder- very odd coming from a state with essentially pristine highways. Also, there was at least 5 or 6 dogs and a few cats as well found right on the side of the road- something I can’t remember seeing anywhere else ever... Very weird. It was all probably just a coincidence, but it was curious to say the least.

As you start to get into South Carolina, you see more and more billboards of religious sayings and bible verses. All of the stores of different as expected- Publix instead of Hannaford, Chik-Fil-A instead of KFC, Hardee’s instead of Burger King. Chiggers, swampy scenery, dreary trees, willows, and palm trees all started to spring up as you continue down the coast- getting us both to get a little giddy- the first signs of warmth!

It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.
— William Shakespeare

We decided to grab a hotel as it wasn’t the warmest out yet and we didn’t get to Savannah until after a while after sunset. We grabbed some beers downtown and enjoyed a few hours of drunken fun amongst the Palm Trees before falling asleep- It was our first 8 hour driving day and so the night wasn't TOO eventful. 

The bridge into Savannah, GA.

Savannah, GA.

The trip started to become much more vivid and real in this part of the journey, with both of us getting into areas of the world that NEITHER of us have ever been into. Tomorrow would be the day that we go across Florida, Alabama and into Louisiana....places we haven't been with our parents, with our friends, no one- It was a complete step into the dark- Something both frightening as hell and yet something I beg everyone who can, to take. It is a wholly unstable experience, where in it you learn how to truly find real courage and how to navigate chaos. Something we must all learn, willingly or not. 

There’s nowhere you can be that isn’t where you’re meant to be...
— John Lennon