Tenth: Leaving Maine

My kickstarter was successfully funded the day before the campaign was finished! Ending with $6833 from 34 backers! 

It's been over a month since I left my last post, and it's ONLY because I've been so beyond crazy busy I haven't had a moment to organize my thoughts, compile my entries and get them online...but now I can! 

The Kickstarter campaign WAS successfully funded since I last left an entry, and so since then I've been doing all I can to prep the rewards for backers and get ready to being the trip. In the months before leaving I've been finishing all the ink drawings, mounting them in a professional way, and sending them out to the backers while planning the future paintings, the trip itself, scheduling and the financing of it all. Here's examples of some of the ink drawings the backers received...

Now, the crescendo of my Kickstarter Project!


I was FINALLY leaving with my girlfriend to go on this US road trip and come up with 5 new 36 x 48 inch paintings to accompany the first one of  MDI, Maine that started this series off. To say I was excited was an understatement. The goodbye was teary eyed and hopeful, we left my parent’s house, with both my girlfriend Hannah’s family and mine seeing us off. They were VERY excited for us though and it was nothing but positivity and happiness (and LOTS of packing).

The car all packed up!

Saying goodbye to our cat Leo wasn’t the most fun either, but luckily we will see him in a few months once we have our place in California (still unsure if we'd have an apartment or not). After that it was just another regular 5-hour drive to my sister’s place in Quincy, right outside Boston proper. It was a relatively normal trip, as I’ve driven it countless times both by myself and with friends and family, though nothing to complain about.

Coming into Boston on the Zakim Bridge.

Boston Skyline from Saugus River Bridge.

We enjoyed a few hours of visiting with my sister and her husband, who are expecting a baby in the next few months- weird thinking I’ll be an uncle- one of those things that won’t be real until the baby is in front of me. As a late Christmas present/early baby shower gift I did a mural of a playful farm for them; they seemed to love it.

Mural I did for my sister's baby's room. 

After that Hannah and I relaxed, enjoying the last bit simplicity before our first big trip tomorrow (as neither of us have ever driven past Boston by ourselves). The anticipation and the weight of the moment was definitely heavy on us in this moment- lots of anxiety, nauseous, fear, ideas of different possibilities and outcomes, excitement, curiosity, and eagerness all swirled into a roller coaster of emotion. We knew what we wanted and what that took, so only the motion of moving forward was acceptable.