Eleven: Boston to NYC

Day II


"The Classy Elevator Look."

The morning for me like always was groggy, but mixed with a feeling of hope for the future. We left around 9 from Boston, grabbing some iced coffee to fuel us. The drive itself was quite nice, going on the coastal route through Connecticut and Rhode Island. It took about 4 hours to get into New York, arriving there around 1.

The city itself was BEAUTIFUL, regardless of the fact that there was brown snow-slush everywhere the adrenaline of the moment was just too much to see any negativity in it.

What I always, always read about was how NYC is SO big that you can’t even comprehend it until you see it, and damn is that true. I HAD been here twice before, but it was when I was 5 and then 11, so my memory is very foggy about it, and even then I didn’t get to soak it in like I was able to this time. After a little bit of city driving, and confusion about parking we found our hotel’s valet- For tonight we wanted to live one night of luxury.

Our view from the 34th floor of the Crowne Plaza.

 Our hotel, the Crown Plaza, was directly over Time’s Square in downtown Manhattan, the view was INCREDIBLE, the best hotel room I’ve ever stayed in my life, on the 34th floor. 

After we signed in chomped on a few rice crispy treats from back home we hit the streets and headed down towards Central Park to the Museum of Natural History- we’re nerds at heart so we had to see this place while we were here. Even though Hannah can be deathly afraid of taxidermy she conquered that fear and walked right through every exhibit with me- which were absolutely enthralling- the prehistoric people especially. Oh and the giant sloths and armadillos! 

She conquered her fear! 

After that we headed back down towards Times Square and our hotel, going through Central Park, enjoying the nightlife in the city- even if every cross walk was a leap of faith across a sea of slush, it was still magical. We grabbed some sandwiches at a nice little place off of 49th Street called Toasties- Check it out, I highly recommend. 

Then we checked out Times Square at night, before returning to our room, and enjoyed the insane view for a few more hours before conking out. 

Times Square at night.

One belongs to New York instantly, one belongs to it as much in five minutes as in five years.
— Tom Wolfe

The energy of the city itself was absolutely enthralling and honestly I can't wait to visit NYC again. I have some GREAT ideas for the painting about the city for my Kickstarter Project and will be posting those pieces as soon as I start making them! (I might even have time lapses of the paintings as well). The city gave me hope for a brighter future out on the west coast and with that we pushed on.