Monumental shift, glaciers receding while smashing glass ceilings,

Class peons fighting amongst each other like angels and demons,

Paid to be a heathen versus mud-drenched truck flaps,

Bud packs, marlb’s, the Eagles and some jack,

While my people got bud stacked, rollies, whiskey and cash,

Misty on a Wednesday signaling to my people how long they have to pray,

No more days wasted sitting, wishing, watching, knowing I’m the prey,

It’s been said that competitor’s are the only reason to race,

For if you never had a rival, you’d just idle in one place,

Smile and choose the most cliche taste, does it quicken your pace?

Escape yesterday’s chase through landscapes of sun rays warming my face,

 Calm in the case but nervous when the obstacles elongate, 

“I got a long life ahead of me,” said me to myself a decade ago.

Need to tackle that existential woe, drive away the afraid like nightmare cleansing, 

Monsters ascending, darkness dampening the drunks, mid-drink, thinking of draining swamps,

But can’t when the reigns are snapped by figures corrupted deeper than rotten marrow,

A pot to piss in would pale in comparison to what these people wouldn’t give to you, 

Ever tried robbing the burglar? Try killing a murderer.

Hang with hang gliders, mine Moria with skydivers, 

Burn bud with a sober churchgoer, overlook the overseen, 

Clean a dusty trail, mop up a mud puddle, 

Sucking the sophistication out of magnificence ‘till it’s obscene,

I been lost in dreams, 

Been tossed aside, torn at the seam,

Been crossed and defied, fat and lean,

Been tragic in my past cause I failed it,

Been caught in those nightmares that pillage the mind,

Been fought ’till I was scared, then willed the world to be mine,

Filled the banal with doses of the divine,

Drafted a 21st century constitution then signed, 

No matter how many miles I’ve gone off course, I’m never blind,

Led ships into storms, came out the emperor on the other side,

Captained trains playing chicken, still avoided wrecking in time,

With my hand grippin’ grass ‘till I’m faded like I got no outline,

Remind mankind that I’d decline cheese rinds if my life was confined,

Aligned with the light, enshrined ideas most find unkind, 

Can’t get behind turmoil though, dip the depression like it’s the Oppression, 

Gestapo-type guys guided by gilded governments corrupted by oligarchs, 

Stuck in the balderdash, bearded babushkas taking the mulligan, midnight in the dark,

Drinking ‘till we’re sinkin’, finding the foolish hearts amongst the hard heads,

Intellect melting away, armies gearing up, Wall Street raising stakes,

While the farmers raise their steaks and the stoners sit and bake, 

And the days get horrible before they’re great, sunbathing on an icy lake.

Lackadaisical around extravaganzas, I’m not normal, I don’t shake during earthquakes,

Played hooky with the hockey team, honkies drowning in hater-ade, 

Better raid the dungeons, batter up with a bludgeon, 

The volume so vacuous, so fatuous, to intelligence it’s suction, 

Crippling the ears of dusty old curmudgeons, anger in the face, looking like a pumpkin, 

Can’t stomach the thought of being caught, 

Brought to the edge of the universe and spit off,

Into the distance, dimensions getting different, 

Pixels getting confusing while the clocks spin independent, 

Indefinite, without precedence, done since I’ve been an infant,

Gone since I was on probation, 

Taught to live without needing anyone’s affirmation, 

Positive that I’m negative, 

And negative towards anything that ain’t positive. 




Red versus blue,

Republican versus democrat,

Coca-Cola versus Pepsi, 

Red Sox versus Yankees,

Fire versus water, 

Apple versus blueberry,

 Fox versus dolphin,

Anger versus calm,

Irritated skin versus bruised,

Love versus loss,

Joy versus grief,

Passion versus apathy,

Trump versus Hillary,

Molten versus frozen, 

Wild versus collected, 

Viet Cong versus Marines,

Communist versus capitalist,

Nationalist versus globalist,

Conservative versus liberal,

Heat versus cold, 

Wilt Chamberlain versus Bill Russel,

Blood versus veins,

Meat versus fruit,

McDonalds versus Burger King,

Autumn leaves versus the Atlantic,

Fight versus meditate,

Time versus space,

Closed versus open,

Rigid versus unbiased,

Reebok versus Adidas, 

Dr.Pepper versus Mountain Dew, 

Redskins versus Cowboys,

USPS versus FedEx,

Arnold Palmer versus Jack Nicklaus,

Ohio State versus Michigan,

Ali versus Frazier, 

Bank of America versus JPMorgan Chase, 

State Farm versus GEICO,

Budweiser versus Coors,

Ramada versus Best Western, 

Windows versus Apple, 

Dunkin' Donuts versus Starbucks, 

Chipotle versus Taco Bell,

Target versus Walmart, 

Verizon versus AT&T, 

Texas versus California,

Tylenol versus Aleve,

Betty Crocker versus Pillsbury,

Ground versus sky,

Body versus mind,

Whiskey versus weed,

Dog versus cat,

Black versus white.




I love her more than there are fish in the sea,

I love her more than there are limes on a tree,

I love her more than there are likes on a feed,

I love her more than there are times to be seen,

More than there is blood on the flags of broken enemies,

More than the amount of flour needed for every bakery,

More than Lennon needed McCartney,

More than Plant needed Paige,

I love her more than there are flowers in a flowing field,

I love her more than there are days left ahead of me,

I love her more than the north welcomes the Spring,

I love her more than the south when they get AC,

More than there are rodents runnin' underfoot, 

More than there are bee's buzzin' amongst,

More than there are buds ready to blossom,

More than there are boats ready to cast off,

I love her more than doughboys at State fairs, mid-August,

I love her more than lakeshore drives and skinny dipping,

I love her more than nights under stars that twinkle like in the books,

I love her more than the shade under an Oak when reading those books,

More than fire needs the air,

More than water need the Earth,

More than clouds need the sky,

More than eyes need dreams to defy,

I love her more than fishing off a dory in a pond in May,

I love her more than speedin', doing 125 on the Highway,

I love her more than mountains need people to climb them,

I love her more than the skyscraper's reach, 

More than the romance that poetry professor's teach,

More than the need for the blood that succumbs the leech, 

More than the damage that the armies of every nation could unleash,

More than the giggles that puppies bring,

I love her more than kitten's purring and milkshake's swirling,

I love her more than the first brushstroke on a masterpiece,

I love her more than the last note sang by a choir,

I love her more than any word could ever begin to aspire,

More than there are apples in an autumn orchard,

More than people when they find their purpose,

More than the God's when they created her surface,

More than any spectacle at any circus,

I love her,

More than words can describe.




I can hear the drummer boy drum,

They’re so close.

Hosts of parasitic pests invade nests of corporate wastes,

Nomenclature outside your domains, stuck like paste,

Faced with a chance to flip your coin and on the tail-end, get trophies in your case,

Wives and hostess cupcakes fill rudimentary dreams of fourteen year old fat boys,

Hat tricks are a cheap ploy, magicians lookin’ for three dimensions,

Forgot there were four, left open the fifth’s door,

Skipped down the lakeshore, ridin’ rocky tides stoned as dinosaurs,

I mean fossilized, we were always kept on the inside,

From places where snow stretched like blankets across Autumn skies,

Let the falcon fly,

I can hear the wing’s flap as they glide,

They’re so close.

Post-postal, I ain’t going to post up and pop a Postman just to make the post, 

I make the most of my situation, but I’m not taking souls like Satan, 

I’m a maven with a maiden ridin’ on a raven raidin’ through your safe man, 

Playpen is the global, hopped up like I drain bottles,

Talk fuego, known to bake out with my girl’s cake out in Macao, 

Foul runnin’ wild in a meadow on a feather floatin’ like a fluffy cloud,

Muffle sounds in the dark depths of danger, walk cautiously with lightsabers, 

Known to savor moments where the flavor outweights the safety,

I stay risky like Loch Ness when she struts at the papparazzi,

Deal like dragons, keep the treasure buried and far away from rivals,

Heal on a stallion in the midst of battle with a bloody scar across my navel,

Aggressive like lions, vulturous creatures surround daily,

The savannah’s full of sinners swimming in rivers of murderous scripture,

Skip the same, be absurd,

I can hear the weird grow wily as the suits sit idly,

They’re so close.

Roasted up flesh that wasn’t supposed to be toasted,

I just chose that, we’re all god’s walking, most just don’t boast about it,

Coast to coast I’ve seen every type of body, but I still feel like I know nobody,

So lost like Pisces without it’s other half, something’s fishy,

I know the negativity, had bouts with positivity, 

Now I live in a smashed glass house of reality,

Broke it 13 years ago today, since then I’ve been on my own way, 

Known to stray off paths that monks walk, but wouldn’t tip-toe on demon’s trails either,

My trials involve a level wiser, evolve above the higher, 

Until I’ve met the Gaia, Zeus, Hera or whoever’s running the beyond’s lair,

It is beyond unfair, remember that in times of despair, 

Just level out and find your balance, you are more than what gives you the scare,

You are more than what gives you fear,

You are more than what you appear,

You are more than what you leer, 

You are more than what you love,

I can hear the emotions flowing like rotatin’ motions,

They’re so close.




Dreams are abusive, 

Restrictive and convoluting

Not the expansive beast we worship, 

Rather the tool for self-torment, 

Morbid since ignorant and dormant, 

Now I’m dominant and unconfirmed, 

Worked ‘till I could worm through any weather, 

Bitter cold, warm, storms, calms, heat and still I’m pressured, 

Never escaped, 

You never escape,

You can never escape, 

Can you ever escape?

Product raw or cut, you don’t know until it’s too late, 

Saluted seniors who’d drop ya dead for a fat steak,

Paychecks are at stake, ya gotta remain patient, 

Lay waste to barren sands and hope married men stay faithful to the old balls and chains,

Fissure like a geyser on the hottest day in Montana mid-Summ’ah in a log cabin,

Bog slappin’ your cognitive dissonance until you’ve readjusted and marched out the marsh,

Rural thoughts reflect a counterpart that lives within like Aliens or demons,

You’ve got a reason to leave the homeland, go before the cops get your for treason,

You’ve been beamin’ about the beyond, 9/11 and Saigon since diapers, 

Now it’s bong and thongs just to get you past the yawn, if I had a choice I’d be a Pro-Lifer, 

Rather I’m Anti Anti-Life, this isn’t a Roe v. Wade reference, 

Decode deeper like hieroglyphics, the picture is bigger than you could imagine,

Sicker than the dimmest day, once the chemotherapy is done and still the cancer’s spreadin’, 

Headin’ into the disbelief, into the wave, the storm, the eye and the reef, 

Pushin’ through the leaf, the sun, the sea, the cold, the ice and the snow, 

Rushin’ ‘till I see the arctic melt, ‘till the savannah freezes and the timber’s torch, 

‘Till the ocean burns and the sky crumbles into the ground,

The moon evaporates and the Earth implodes without a sound,

I’ll still be dreaming.




Buggy cars and muggy haze, 

It ain’t the same back home, no way, 

Sun only shines half of half the days,

Blinded by buffoonery in the grey, 

North of the chase and east of the laze, 

Cylindrical mazes of steely-silver skyscrapers,

Around the been-worn like we’re from the hampers,

Never got close and personal with a Hamden hedge-fund manager, 

Rather got real and unusual, grabbed grass in the manger,

The smell is still perfect,

The light is still gorgeous,

Even years after the first forfeit, 

After the autumn and the harvest,

After the winter when it’s the hardest,

The lakes still flourish, 

The waves still nourish,

Licking granite, the tongues of Neptune’s titans tickle the shores,

Chores that underscore the meaning of why, 

To find the place that makes you feel high,

The real disguise is the name of the game, 

The good guys and bad guys are under the same skies,

Under the weight of the wise, 

We remain patiently awaiting our demise.




Sailing tar rivers like we’re Lewis & Clark,

Sap and syrup swirl until slime eats bark,

Moss mountains marble and twist the surface of Sequoias,

Brought through brothels, couple of cocktails,

Cocky adolescent’s with thirsty cocks chasin’ tail,

Bailing on what would be a jailed existence,

My whole generation a product of escapism,

Pace on a prism, ideas acidic in nature that echo rhythms, 

Prepped to find someone listening to visions,

Yoda’s and mystics, Gandalf’s and Dumbledore’s,

Kicked in the doors of perception and found a fractal form,

A core of apples and oranges, pairs of banana bandana’s,

Tare a camera in half because they can’t realize that their sight is fact,

The light gets whacked, bent like slipping out of misdemeanors,

Missed demons in lairs, demeaned laborers who built manors,

Terrifying tenors who bellow out tense troubles over bass and trebles,

Tasted the yellow, blue, and the red,

Black and white lost in fields of parasites who feed on those that bled,

Feeding on the interrogation of the nation,

A place complacent with being watched constant,

No consent, impatient livin’ in decrepit FEMA tents,

No regret, just trying to live without acclimating debt,

Asserting that we’re the best, people that work rise to set,

Lie to the rest so that you can conquer money and the internet,

Been so wet that fire’s gave up on me,

Dampened spirits like drowned ghosts that can’t be freed,

Been so burnt that river’s were revolted by me,

Holstered with hand-weapons, holding the helm, helmet in hand, guarding the hold,

Hardened because boldness has brought about bravery,

Was taught about the heraldry, underdogs, Robin Hood and the royal navy’s,

Knew which one ended up on the right side of history,

So I’ve been glowing since infancy, trying to be extraordinary,

Heroic was all I’ve had, war’s taught me who can be bad,

It exposed the whores who never had-

To fight was never written into their repertoire, 

Never been too far from the battle, always smelled gunpowder around the corner,

Coroner’s just neighbors who have weekly bag duty,

Bagged to join the duty, called up, did the dirty, got hit, sent home in baggies,

Had to laugh it off like taffy, only the saltiest who crossed the salt water felt at home,

The time just a stain on the fabric of a flag that stood for freedom,

Boys never allowed to boil slowly, but rather were burnt out before bounty,

Never knew treasure, reward, spoils, or a present in their present,

They lost essence, and since the economics haven’t been fixed,

We’re in a state of comatose, at the brink of a burning wick,

Time to reignite our dynamite and blow a hole in the unstoppable tricks,




Oligarchic stampedes march over switched flips of burgundy blood, 

We all ignite in hours of chaos, under stress of bridges burnt, 

Under-represented by the representatives we undeservingly got,

Unworthy of a cause that’s meant to stomp for,

Mountains of mushy globs swimming through millions that make up this morbidly obese populace,

Bacterium similar to a military-industrial complex,

Fed by a flame that sparks out East in Middle Earth,

But they don’t have a Gandalf, like we got rising in our hearts,

Now is the time to feed the fire that is ‘Berning’,

Otherwise we got thermometers issuing a warning, 

I’m forming a deformity blossoming into a pretty rarity,

Precious gems roam stoned amongst the storms that calm,

Never alone when empathy relates us to each other, 

Beat and smothered by a damned nation, waiting for damnation, 

Redemption and resurrection, erect a new foundation, 

Believing in paying the righteous, leaving the corrupt high and dry,

By the side of the lakes that age green and purple, where the fish fly,

Where the salmon haven’t seen the color pink,

Where wolves never had another to claim a pack, 

Where polar bears haven’t seen white cause the darkness took them, 

Where nature got sick, lost it’s color and never saw green again,

We’re all green within, feeling sick to our stomachs, lined with vomit,

Bile boundaries being pushed by belittling bullies that always bounce back, 

We trounce the rats, trample the facts and move forward with due diligence,

Ill and magnificent, being pissed is my offense,

I dodge the fence, volley the racket and enlighten the black market, 

Dark in narrow alleys, tourniquets and needles create a cushion for your shoe to be on,

Bound to be wrong, down on myself at dawn, 

Complications arise but problematic minds solve it quicker than rash,

Anxious to beat back anxiety, known to talk wildly, 

Arising like a phoenix when it all turns midnight, 

I never let the mind control me, I only focus on the happy,

Turn and make the laughs baffle the enemy, 

Move with greed and end up a fatality on the gurney,

Spun the key to the turn that lock that opens glee,

Caught the eye of the sun in the east,

Chased it west ‘till it dipped in the sea,




To find the root is to meet the source of the fruit,

Red coursing through the meat of the brute,

Playing strong against fiddle-heads 'till you hear the flutes,

No sign of loot until the warriors buckle their boots,

Glued to pixel tubes and foreign boobs,

Booed off stage by the unlikeliest enemy,

I'm part of humanity so I've never found serenity, 

Been addled by problems further than Mozambique,

Toes wishing they were feet, swishing in the creek,

Diminished by low interest and wages that don't interest,

You, unless you're Me, ego-fed 360 degrees,

Feast like Feds on bodies that've dropped,

It's a carnival of corpses that wish they'd never rot.