Wild runnings mirror hardened steeds in search of gypsy homesteads,

Nomadic like the cave addicts and back in the bush with the acid,

Tactics side stepping flaccid agreements by powering through the foolish,

Childish and smiling half with a wry sense of ridiculousness,

It's all under control except when the titan's sever ties with Neptune,

Watch Nature nurse itself back to health despite never offering us a lifeboat,

We're all out for ourselves, you gotta count on only you,

Found truth in duality though, never can escape catch 22's,

Many hoops hurled through like I'm the vomit of a beggar on a fire dancer's worst day,

I press decay and pursue purses out of my range, because what else can you do?

Death is unstoppable, accept it like your morning waffles,

It's all the same, a dull grey glaze is spread over the clone's eyes,

While the illusion breaks away before the real-seekers, and they too must dull,

Social intelligence is all that matters, and Im anti that like anarchy breeds inside me,

Don't you know it's silly, don't you see you're over paranoid,

Can barely be employed, better yet deployed, and this isn't even about me,

It's always been about us,

lost like a confusion of mistrust after hearing about lost millions waiting for you in a trust,

I'm building empires that I'm not sure can exist yet,

But risk is the point, the epithet is your gross, stuck in the joints,

Floorboard found, indoctrinated like an idea like inhumane dog pounds,

As if we can see the hypocrisies, killers pay for a species survival,

Everything's flipped like pancakes and burger patties,

America in a new era of terror,

But I don't see it ending, sadly.




Bed stay like bad days but it's the opposite feeling,

Vacations away from vacationland, what we needing,

Greedin' up on green grasses, grieving all the gas we burnt,

Last to front, only seen arrogance in the jump,

Gun down prey that prey on people, but poorer folk need it,

The money guides us like Sacagawea, but no superman Clark,

So we gotta do it on our own, potentially missing the mark,

Gotta face the risk, snipe down adversaries through your scope,

Marked men by the marksmen, hope their aim is off,

Back to the game and you realize that sense is thrown out the window,

Where's the law? No rules in a realm where freedom's flag flys,

Shoot predators, get yelled at by victims, characterizing killers,

Make them into a cartoon caricatures and have the misinformed slaughter you,

Where's the money come from? The truth is sometimes unfortunate,

Can you feel it? The killer's pay for the safety of the rest,

Leading society to unrest, because logic is paradoxical,

Logic is love felt through a screen of emotionlessness,

Stay motionless and death will have you dismissed,

Pissed off too many presidents and principals,

Left principles where my morals still rot at, burning bridges with pals,

Left like unused water droplets in puke-bucket pails,

Pale in comparison to the pallid palette used to paint depression,

I rose till I blossomed, a trail of thievery in my plotting,

Misdemeanors just narrowly missed, felonies too close for comfort,

Household full of loving words but my dark thoughts bounced them,

Found pounced on by pretty cats and slippery snake sinners, similar to Satan's sister,

Painted whiskers on her face, Halloween, but not scared by this chase,

Can still burn, but would rather light my beautiful's lady's body up,

Stuck down on dirt roads where head's pound cause no one's around,

Bound up by bullshit, bills, ex-boyfriends and beer,

Would rather stalk 'em, feel the jealousy sting like sharp swords, and then the tears,

Veer off the celibate and sober road to find clarity in the chaos,

Attempt to get laid off to collect benefits and sit till your out of rent,

Retirement has never been a thought of my people,

We're born to slave, drive the mule, then die in fear of the evil,

But I hope to break that cycle, investing in passion, soul and spirit,

It's that fear of the ego, creeping up on the controlling,

At least we 'feel good' about a life of servitude,

Don't need to be like the jaded, crude, crabby and rude,

That's what we all do, tryin' to make an illusion real,

What's the mood? Lost, but found some waves and seagulls,

So maybe I'll get out, and maybe I can get my people out this route,

Courage is just leaping into a pool of fool-heartedness, I found.




Saturating in lines of salted attitudes at astonishing altitudes,

I find clear foresight into a misunderstanding of the rude,

Cruel pistons fire awkwardly like raging ostriches sizing up prey,

Mule intentions, I.E. working harder than anybody, end up ostracizing all other ways,

Called a mayday at my main stay, in Maine where I stay,

An emergency to reenergize urgency and all need to play,

Risque moments melted through like wax between candle and holder,

Im the burner, she the mold, now lets fade away and extrude cold air,

Exuding what is colder only to hide my treasure of golden warmth,

Happiness is a warm gun, cocked, loaded and ready to shoot Lennon,

Forgotten if you think different, or shot dead, proclaimed an icon,

But what good is that when a mother loses her only son,

Or the only conscious one, I'm the only flag-bearer of the Fickett's, son,

Picket lines are where my people come from,

and off of rusty boats under copper ladies of immigration,

Over seas and sticks that no soul was meant to step with,

Overcoming like modern native americans, fuck what my ancient clan has done,

Did you know that there was once 100 million strong?

Then we made populations plummet

like it was just another stock market dive that the big wigs were profiting off of, and fucking us with,

I'm tired of being stuck in the muck where the nomads and Conans exist,

I'm beyond bland and wanna can inspiration like passionfruit pits,

I bathe in a mask of the grift, swipe only whats necessary, pickpocket or debit?

Slicker than molten rock in volcanic crypts, so I find hope in the amorphous,

Change is so glorious, native with cannabis, so naturally I'm notorious,

Spatula fits about fourth-fifths of the egg, you can never get it perfect bliss,

Turn a key of denial in a lock of sorrow,

into a door of hope where the outside becomes a lack of boundaries,

Be free, be limitless,

Hint at life being hit or miss,

But with some piff that does dismiss,

Dissed too many, loved too little,

Or too many, depending on your view,

Your angle and your eye, your perception determines who, what, where, when, and why,

The five fingers of formative figures, denoting nonsense as I deliver,

Slivers of education, peppered in between shards of drug experiences,

Hallucinations of overdoses lead most to stray away from them,

Pacing back and forth in frantic motions like frenetic soldiers in search of gems,

Purchased flem and perched on places where only the proper could touch,

My pants not hemmed, with a hat on at a hundred-dollar-a-plate dinner,

I should be pissed on 'till it fills a river,

Equipped with nothing but a shiver,

Colder than foresight that might brain-freeze up a fool, mid-crossing Russian timbers,

Psychedelic colors create paychecks vaster than previously conceived so no more whimpers,

Scenes of the drab can now be seen for their tranquility,

And as the dull fades into tides drifting out, the grey rises vibrantly.




Are relationships just fear?

And marriage; the leap of faith into the pool of despair?

Where is courage? Walking up the aisle or losing themselves in jungles alone,

I don't know but I hope to find,

Difference out there.

Her hair chestnut brunette in autumn, while simmering a redder hue in spring months,

Ive been brought to her more than once,

Cosmically linked, we're inseparable particles, a kid with his teddy bear,

I messy up fore rays into organized cultures,

Bring mud where only Clorox has touched,

Tryin to disinfect an over-cautious, white-washed world,

Color up a place that used to make seas swirl,

My team doesn't squirrel, rather educate and profess peace during quarrels,

And the professors aren't magical, no wizard with a wand to wave away disasters,

So Harry Potter only a fantasy to us, we got realistic difficulties to unstuck,

Bust open problems charging bull-strong and head-first into 'em,

Luck just random, so you can't count on either end on any avenue,

Bad or good weather you still gotta swing like Mayweather,

It pays to get better, so practice how to be lighter than feathers,

Yet still carry your own weight like you drug smuggle across borders,

Every limb you cross, you discover a new branch of thinking,

Tinkering with what shouldn't be, powders like water to we,

Combining fire and flowers to simmer down thoughts of being free,

Haunted, caught slippin by like grease, catch me in Cali,

Next up, best tux, most tough, robust, sex robot, Izzy,

Find me in the crease, capture the flag with cream, bud so beast,

In any cut, doin' it up, eyes bloodier than a scarred face,

You a scared face, while I be Scarface, got profits in tonnage,

Lost in abundance, white surrounded me, it's suburban decadence,

But I saw that, got reckless and yet still passed,

In fact I was one of the top of my class,

Ass backwards, but I'm a criminal that backs words,

For prose like championship earnings, lead your own herd,

Fuck what you heard, unthink for yourself and question everything,

Fuck what you heard.

Fuck what keeps you deterred,

Rather fuck, feel and build determined,

Sword in my hilt, the age is no longer for the gilded,

Take what is ours, for the greatest gladiators get their own,

No longer a time of guile or killers, but for peace to proclaim home,

Lease a subprime home and end up foreclosed on though,

Weird marble we spin on, just some mold tryin' to spread whole,

Spread her legs like butter, give her hole what it's owed,

Gifting Gaia with my ginormous gargle-maker, I got no foe,

In this moment, Im equal parts God and grotesque, warden and whore,

War-ender and home-wrecker, dome-dabber and peace-maker,

Create a bowl of serial codes, try to decipher without technology's favor,

Invent your flavor on the road of pain and pleasure, uncover your secret ingredient,

There's more than enough to share, and always plenty to be spent,

And in perpetual recyclable rent, we hope to unlock our status as prisoners in a pent,

No house, condo or ever even gazing upon a penthouse, "GET OUT!",

They scream, as your dreams cripple under the weight of their egos,

Threefold the count of yours, and their caloric intake probably similar,

Fat-waisted, fat-headed, too-taught suited, under-taught, waved-over, over-paid,

under-the-table-bribed-off, dimwitted, delusional, out-of-focus,

out-of-the-realms-of-realistic, evil, non-thinking fuel farters,

While we the people barter with liberty

to bring an equal plate of justice every morning with our coffee,

With every book we gawk over, you lose more, and we get smarter,

So we decide like Descartes, what path shall I take in life?

"Quod vitae sectabor iter.”




Stiffer than cocks that can't cum, left pockets of rocks on couches,

We all just a mass of massive ego's, looking through lookin glasses,

Tryin to escape the past, release the soul, amass a fortune of golden spirit,

Hold in your fear with anger pent up like prisoners, welcome to humanity,

Sum up vanity as an unhealthy obsession with reflections,

They like light but seem to stray further from it than vampires,

Lost like campers without campfires in the night, mare's scream hoarse choirs,

Paired up with pursed-lip looney tuned-out toucans, head like fruit loops as they get higher,

Tire yourself out and find strength in snow, skunk, sludge or syrup,

Pop a tear drop, kill a brain cell, end up in mental hells,

Prison the same thing, so tat under your eye if you got needles in your arm,

People blame and it harms more than the problem half the time,

Haters spread the paranoid, slip out the backdoor, enter the void,

Jump into dreams like eagles after they scoped, locked and dove on their prey,

Pray it isn't you, visiting lives more beastly than a zoo, no way to be swayed,

Bays of teal turquoise, lagoons of blue marine under moons of silver rays,

Quilted haze, lost in blankets of blooming clouds, vile yet without malaise,

I spread the oily feelings of eggheaded corporate products like mayonnaise,

Paler than the dimmest gray, the 51st shade is beyond you,

Entering fetishes that don't belong to just one view,

Pathetic pathogens still prey upon the dark side of your moon,

The weaker side of you still subdued by big boobs and shots of goose,

Clubs full of hooters, smack in the middle of trap mazes of satan's sisters,

Drug dens create an ethos of raw debauchery, seen it with every eye near me,

Junkies feeding on CNN conspiracies, feasting on old tv screens and crystal shards,

Sell it to amethyst enthusiasts, hope they fall for it in a house of cards,

Shattered dreams chipped away with every syringe plunge the deed gets done,

A man gets his hum, a weed is undug, a mind has fun, and a street gets a bum,

A land where the filthy rich reside in regal towers high above,

While the filthy and forgotten get fined for leaning on the same place,

Palaces made of pure platinum,

So pleasant,

a peasant would harm his precious hours on earth dreaming of such an impossible future,

Better keep your head down, nose to the grindstone, get back to work and shut the fuck up!

Swole with stuck up tendencies, half our race seems to be,

Arrogant like baby eagles, in search of something illegal,

Pump in the retail, regrow a tail, untuck the gun and grow some balls,

Own every hall that you step into, confidence sweatin',

Monumental precedence, presidential effluence,

Influence the unlearned, help them understand love and affection,

Doves made of perfection and pure white powder fly upward,

Towards nostrils to decay, or towards the light to guide a better way,

Separate from the chase is all Ive ever wanted to be,

but somehow my spirit is competitive like falcon's be,

Maim a shark in a hurry, its nothing to Izzy, hate formality, hate simplicity, love dichotomies,

Found in a blurred middle, a chaotic neutral state where Neptune's storms wage,

And wars full of rage grow red hot in a sea of hate, so dissipate into a wiser state,

With assumptions gone and inheritances wilder than the universal width,

I get locked like stuck keys or delusionally brave insects

who dart inside to live one moment of blissful certitude in your lamp,

Gotta stamp out competition, my enemies the USPS, citizens loosing trust in us,

And in gold, oil, and drugs, so G.O.D. ain't for me,

Or we in this apparent land of liberty, this country needs to fix its bum knee,

Stop supporting companies that sell Humvees,

Instead back industries that invigorate our Earth and economy,

Done with being son'd by WASPs who love to sting,

Turn 'em into harmless bee's, you get one attack then R.I.P.,

Checks and balance been out of wack since Clinton hung his hat,

Or before, come to think of it, kennedy or carter the last true remedy,

But plot a new charter cause it looks like election year farce again,

Parched by pigeon-toed bird-heads, chickenhawks that cant lead,

And yet they're the only box we can check on decision day?

Fuck that! Corrupt crap! Never fall back! Retaliate and scrap!

Refill a hopeful prescription, leave restrictions in the past,

Sash full of badges, but what experience is that worth?

Wall full of diplomas, cabinet full of trophies, what's that accomplish?

Astonished at the lack of passion, my passion is to reignite that fire,

Im the spark to start the boom, a stoned and unwashed patron,

Been there, now hoping to climb cliffs that scare folks in the shire,





In shock after miracles strike Ben Franklin's kite,

Thats where my sight is at, got a gift that's scratching me,

Frightening me at first, can it be true?

A peasant gettin a blessin fit for royalty,

Soiled thoughts left in dressers of pinewood stressors,

Woodgrain rivers lookin like melted arrows in a quiver,

The timer is up and my time has come so jump up!

Cant slip on this golden opportunity, gotta smelt prosperity,

Lost in ideas of charity, gotta flip this, make more and give merrily,

Cant be greedy when the lottery picks you,

Reality weirder than a psychedelic zoo,

I cant be trapped now, my maze shattered before me,

Got oceans to conquer, conquests ahead, draft my navy,

Slap the bass till the face is displaced off under the sea,

Find your mermaid and give her your fork like rings on fingers,

Ive been known to linger, but now i found what i previously couldnt figure,

Her figure is what I've been searchin for,

Her soul something even bigger than I could imagine,

Outside of normal visions, she's my Jasmine if I'm Aladdin,

Clamored within clamped up shackles till cash was the key,

Now stashin pleasantries, packin pleasant trees,

Stackin cause there's fees, pass through gates and unleash,

Beast titan ready to ripen in rotten apples with fallen angels,

Squeak pass with thermometers overheating,

I don't know why half the time my mind resorts to anger,

Wouldn't wish this on the most evil of strangers,

And yet got gifted like I've done tedious financial labor,

Pounce like saber or leopard after panthers for opportunity,

Scoped lunacy, got wrecked but found the light to see,

It all dives and dips substantially, pubs of liquor cure bad vanity,

But romance is all Im about to be, love love like love's supposed to be,

Posed in a tree locked land, outside with my angelic lady in hand,

Stressors of the rat race diminished, now all we have is flowers to flourish.





I dont know if the elders can reach me, better yet touch me,

Or if theyd even wanna, cant teach me a thing, clueless junkie,

Spew talk that was never meant to brush faces of our brothers,

But it did, smothered mothers in drunken covers of banality,

It cant be real if it cant be bought is what our forefathers taught,

Sought thoughts deeper than trenches in seas full of sorrow,

I lost tomorrow by lingering over yesterday, the moment gone now,

And now is the only moment, cant be gone until I am,

While its sooner than never, as I approach it on this speeding rollercoaster,

Weve got one now, a second in history, a blip on the radar,

But weve got to make it more worthwhile than taking paper,

Put your stake in mad cows, get loose with those who lose it,

Lost it in moments where clues quit, had no true guidance,

So the tribe kept wildin', defiling eachother like piles of trash,

But they're highly smoked up class, got an untamed lady lass with ass,

Tackle the temptress under tapestries and tickle her top off,

Sip wine and feel the life slip posh to mosh, sloshing till youre off,

Daft feelin dumber as the flat screen's projections pull us in,

Wack melodic thoughts breathe methods unnatural,

Poisonous pathogens puked upon me since preschool,

Mental patterns that provoke pillaging villages,

Pathways that lead right past righteousness to an off-beaten trail,

Leading to Satan's accountant handling all your sin's payments,

So you choose to praise positivity, harder than the blind tryin to see,

Or a mime gettin paid to talk, fess up cause the Fed's watch,

And the dead walk, and grateful talk on chemical concocts,

Soak up a culture of semen socks and demon thoughts,

I leave this place hot, life's an orgasm in slow-motion, Ive been taught.





Curl through swirls that circle the drain of epiphanies,

Memories melt into others like mixed drinks, it's all foggy,

Nightclubs where the broken and beaten thrive in nocturnal hives,

Fuck a dive, this a plunge, to depths where there is no bottom,

Infinite and yet finite is our life, each filled with apparent rights,

And moves we gotta make, but they've already been written,

You just gotta get to livin', it isn't sinnin' if you're winnin',

Frolic in festival fields with fungus-eating funny folk and fairies,

Figured out that fate can flip on a hair follicle, feeble is our future,

But strong is our present like I was gifted weights, but droppin weight like drug drops,

I talk too much, heavy handed, long winded and probably annoying,

But Im over curious, cant stop being interested, invested in learning,

Not cool to the cool kids but Id rather burn fires of passion,

Than stake my claims in frozen cultures, cause seasons change faster than fashion,

So Ive finally lashed out like a girls eye-game on fleek, while the rest reek,

I got pests to delete, better rid myself of defeat,

Got championships to win, gotta earn my keep.





Lavender lilac scents of love slip into my essence as she enters,

Lips ruby red that read a fire in every language,

Lust just a child to this magnetic attraction,

I want her to consume my mind, suffocate, fuck and kill it,

Simple days filled with sandcastles and white clouds,

End when never is reached and you touch back then,

Gone through day dreams and highlighting memories that deliver smiles to your front door,

Where your consciousness ran out, checked out and away,

So you've been left ego-less tryin to devise a new conscience,

With days numbered like the calendars on the wall, we gotta keep walkin,

Stalking prey that prays on sundays when the rest plot revenge,

In front of superbowl screens, where hurried belches of primal pride ring out,

Lulling golems of grotesqueness, hopin to find happiness where they leave anger,

So foolish these baby-minded adult buffoons are,

Baboons ready to boggle the brain of any well-to-do,

So I get lost in the bush, both of them, like I cant pick between the two,

So I dont, we have threesomes in my bed like kings and their mistresses,

Me, my lady, mary and the all of us, got galaxies looking through us,

Her bust's beautiful, my eyes cant help but watch her bare back bend,

Divided by her spine, with butt-cheeks carved outta porn magazines,

Im crued, but cant help but try to capture rare beauty when its before me,

See the butterfly, catch it only if it lets you,

Otherwise you're a burden to a bounty,

Could let treasure shine in all its radiance,

But some choose to shade them in crusty chests until their sunset,

But if the butterfly sees love, and rides its vibes into your net,

Watch each other buzz like a breeding hive while resting in your nest,

It becomes an energy that only Archimedes could formulate about,

I pour my latent heart out,

I got some shit on my plate that I hate that I ate,

Left behind wounds on people that didn't deserve a single scratch,

I'm mad at that, but more mad at the change I haven't grasped,

Trying to progress towards progress,

But bills block us, life's congress,

And if I'm honest I just want bliss,

Surrounded by sun rays, fire pits, friends, family and my girl's kiss,

That purple painted lady I ponder about every time I'm not near people,

Alone in a world where 7 billion family members live,

Aliens more normal to an American than an indigenous man,

Green people without passports, fuck a green card we're all just organisms,

All on the look for orgasms that'll make us fathom a paradise,

Looking for that special lady that brings you cuddles when your eyes remain in puddles,

And in this huddle of words collected I hope to show the world the love I've felt directed,

Upon me, only hoping I can reflect it justly.





Colorful deliriums filled with off color remarks,

Campfires recession hit surrounded by their products,

People impression-less, cant feel or be touched,

I feel such remorse, sittin, still confined by my own optics,

Perceptions swivel like kaleidoscopic periscopes in search of knowledge,

I ponder in cottages,

Dodged the college tax like I hid from the Sheriff of Nottingham,

Robin hood in a hoodie,

Robbing from businessmen who bully neighborhoods,

Belabor the point,

End up overthinking and dismissing anything good,

Consciousness in your control,

The matrix a mix of that and mine,

And all of ours, mushed in a combine,

So combine forces like quantum physics,

Remain mystic in a realm where the bland stays vivid,

Classic thoughts creep into cycles like snakes who aim to slip us up,

Instead I bullseye my goals, gain wisdom I never knew I should have,

And remain positive when all else is the opposite,

Juniper growing on hostile Jupiter.




Rain splatters on shingles echoing the people's chatter within,

Silver towers rise in places where poverty was displaced,

Alleys roamed by cats and dirt chasing degenerates,

But through a storm more mad than a god's rage I found bliss,

Piss covered pants on an off day,

Ive been on and off since the first day,

Curse the plays that move me away from the warmth,

Cold nights burned eerie memories in the dusty hallways of my mind,

Never been fine, always upset, euphoric or complacent,

Found adjacent to alcohol, addicted to addicts and frozen basements,

The bass hits and hearts pump like reeboks when they dropped,

I cop only what's deserved, don't wanna earn a cop with a Glock,

Ready to pop me like the culture we're in, gore glamorizing,

Vultures trying to breed bastions of sin, guarding evil like it's not,

But my soul's an eagle or a falcon ready for rising,

Fly with wings stretched atlantic to pacific, hold esteem highly,

Self doubt the only devil that will deceive me,

Lucifer in a lucid mind, logical, but emotions can decline,

Define or rewind a brain that struggles, don't let it baffle,

Love is the apple of truth that Eve brought back from Eden,

Trust it you fearful Adam, be a man and know its gonna be okay,

Trust in the wind that sways like beauty in a sun dress,

In a field of lilies she dances on top of blue day dreams,

The way her smile gleams means time is just a perception,

Life maturing in a splendorous blossom unseen before,

What comes next is infinitely unknown,

Guaranteed brilliance in psychedelic colors presently beyond us.