Mad maverick, molded into marble two millennia later, 

Swim in gin just to feel days dosed with sin,

Man-made tropes to overcome in an underwhelming way,

Under the helm of a captain who lacks a back and,

Can’t imagine a night without mortar shells,

Whiskey straight and combat drills, tomahawkin’ with skill, 

Talkin’ with my will hoping I can keep the power aflame,

Kept the watchers tamed, in a game that can’t be explained, 

Sad shackles tie down inferior thoughts that take rash aim, 

It’s the fast lane where the masses get splayed, bound to disillusions,

Back in the Institutions they taught us their propaganda, 

Fought hard against brainwash as the other’s let their minds squash, 

Mashed like your mother’s potatoes, rockin’ a fedora in a plethora

Of exotic plants wrapping the planet in a jungle dipped blanket,

I’ve stayed away from wit in the hopes I can soak up true wisdom,

Been in a prism of misinformation, hoping I don’t stray too far and end in prison,

End with a vision, that’s what every elder told me,

Hold the heaviest key to unlock the mightiest lock,

Pilot a bolt of lightning across a sea of shock,

Let decisions fold into feelings as colors warp into sounds,

Develop a bastion of growth where every day is doper than the last,

Cause the grass you grow only flows higher as dirt is supplied there,

Defied air by floating in it, boasting with an image of a demon tip-toeing,

But got angels patting my back hoping I stick to the right track,

Click delete on any insecurities and never backtrack on a view,

Just evolve and start anew every day like the children do,

Walk under the billowing blue, the spacious stars, 

The gracious greens and the capacious currents,

The slippery sun against the cerulean sea, 

We are nothing but waves reacting naturally.


Lost summer rains drip like day dreams that kids forgot,

Tapioca or cocoa pudding cups is the only decision we got,

Crept up on nightmarish moments when we didn’t have our apples and had to visit the Doc,

Talked up past midnight about random hopes and foolish thoughts,

Always had an over-abundance of ambition,

Been bouncin’ happily like a boat or a buoy,

Kept coastin’ on crashing waves that tickled cracked coastlines,

Daft minds swept up by diligent dapper dudes with greased dark hairdos,

Equity a much more manageable outcome, equality isn’t equal it leads to oversight,

Fed-men undercover with far too many rights, corruption and injustice under their belt,

Gucci, Louis or whoever, the fashionista stays clever, or so they think,

Half end up dead, the other half reminiscing about a time they railed white off the sink,

“I blinked fast,” they said as their hot streak ended, a decade, some friends and no ends at the end,

Just a jigger of Jager, jaded days and a jacked up face stuffed with jambalaya juxtaposed with a junk habit,

Commando, it’s kill or be killed in this Machiavellian system conjured up by Kings in castles long ago crushed,

Lackadaisical, relaxing on lazy Sundays in a liquid embrace of love,

Made to move mountains- Meant to mutate forms on the mirror’s edge of Mother Earth,

Never nihilistic when the newbs start yelling at the Nubians, new days need to begin,

Otherworldly, always able to offset the unkept, obliged to obstruct Orwellian officers,

Particular, primed to be the perfect participant through an imperfect portal,

Quite quiet the other men keep, while I defy decibels by unleashing beasts that make you queasy,

Rebel, rambunctious, ready to rampage the ringleader’s roof, right the wrongs of a leftward lean,

Still sizable though, amounts that siphon larger sums than could be dreamt of,

Timid in times of great tragedy, just trying to find the truest trajectory,

Under the reigns of unsullied usurpers about to undermine the underprivileged, flip it to the underworld,

Violent, on a vendetta, very vehement in the accuracy of who I violate, never lacking veracity,

Without wisdom though, I’d be a worm rolling through wasted wormholes- Worn and old is the mission,

Examples of orbits that exhibit xenophobia ready to wrap around the citizens, we need a Xena, 

Your younger self hasn’t seen these tribulations yet, so you better wander into the yonder, yellow your Yamaka

By the years as you yawn away your youth, find Yoga and stretch out the remaining days,

Zapped, in a state of electric ecstasy, mean to stand on sands that zip, bide the tides of waves that rose as

High as numbers with triple zeros, debate with zealots and ride zebras with the Zulu; That’s what I used to do.


Quips like quartets chiming tunes only sonnets could think to lace together,

Romantic like summer poetry, never dim like ugly foolery,

We never drool or leave, rather ready to rebel like a rampage feels,

Can’t wage war against anger so we stay peaceful in the face of a piece,

Chase cheese like mice who can’t speak, mute to the moolah that flow,

Silent when the sinister stay sinnin’ just because we get a nickel and a stout,

Stout; built to damage towers every hour like I got twin times the power of just me,

Bust three times in an afternoon and still feel something missing,

Empty like the Senate on a Sunday, like the empathy from every one of them,

Drink solutions to find them, cut up but still sparkles like a diamond,

Lost in mind math, can’t complete cause the complication overlaps,

None-conformist who still gets notifications like pornstars prolapse,

Like cornfed football stars, we be athletic on the turf, skip class, grab grass,

Tap ass, skim past the loser’s fast as we be brash and win the scrap,

Got the knack to be golden so we stay holdin’ it like the throttle motorin’,

Sun shines down like rust sparkling in Spring waves, as the bling fades, so does the fame,

So does the game, edging closer to failure as the days get mailed in,

Never bailin’ on the nailed in existence, never changing like a mechanism that’s working,

But always changing like seasons cycle the leaves’ colors, over the sea is where I hover,

Flown back to see my mother and my father, punching childhood fears in the face,

Chuck the past in the trash, pasted to the present while the future haunts us like an oncoming epidemic,

Got a deficit, time to switch directions, turn my exponential downfall upside down, smiling is good credit,

Skipped a new book to read politics on Reddit, I’m new-age, alien to Apollo astronauts, 

Pass a cop, hide the guac, pull out the guap, ready the Franklins like guns cocked, 

Ready the revolver before the revolution pops, got a taste for gumdrops, 

I mean gun drops, my sweet tooth is too sinister, ready to sell Satan for six nickels, piss him off casually, 

I’m a misfit since elementary, been a prick since a twit, arrogance was my mastery, 

Make pastors run and tell their congregation I’m a piece of shit and need God’s guidance, 

Unbeknownst to them been gracious since the days of bicycles, ice cream trucks and breaking icicles, 

Taking off on Tyco tricycles before Tom started stealing our security, 

My space was never more invaded then when I learned to research others on the internet, 

Don’t you see, it’s a reciprocal effect? Reflecting exactly what we don’t want other’s to see of us, 

Revealing all our insecurities, while showing us how to achieve superiority, 

Want to be better, but can’t I’m out paid by the competitor, 

So I’ve gotta get my cash up, need better metaphors, similes like the ones Dickens uses to represent poverty, 

Lost in gadgetry, magical technologies and philosophies only invented a decade ago, 

I met the breath taken out of the moment and it told me that you gotta seize life and surprise it,

Risk, rise and re-face it, no matter your place in it, or where you place in the quiz or game,

I’m never the same, no one could be, shame on anyone who feels that they should be, 

I should sail the seven seas and sell all my treasure, buy a submarine and go deeper than anyone’s ever been,

But I haven’t yet, still got tasks to cross off the schedule, more residuals to collect, gotta ascend,

Gotta pretend until I’m enlightened, anything less helps the demons.


Can’t grasp it fast enough, seen friends spiral away,

Piles of H and M surrounding camps of scamps that lost their way, 

I’m not talking brand names, rather muttering ‘bout drug crazes, 

Blood sprays after steel scrapes, cut holes and watch minds erase,

Weeks fade and life becomes blasé after the search loses it’s allure, 

The hunt isn’t exciting and soon even the nights became less enticing, 

Soon your cold, mind gets blue and the days turn to lightning, 

Thunderous applause heard in your ear after every score, who doesn’t love the pipe dreams?

Earned your stripes on asphalt streets that send shivers down sinister kids’ spines, 

Unseen, most of these scenes aren’t seen by the normal people, but it’s all I did as a teen,

Chased green to get green so we could feel less green, hate bein’ sick so I stayed keen, 

Sharp like samurai swords, daggers, Stanford students and stalactites, 

Play bagpipes on St.Paddy’s Day in Southie, provoke anything that can be poked easily, 

On the phone with an operator slamming the pound key, hashtag operation inaction,

Propped up a president that’s facing prosecution because he prodded harder than Nixon, 

Dick in action, except a thousand times worse, “I remember when the 45th was tried for high treason,”

High up in the legion, they’re facing disillusionment, constant bickering and confusion, 

High up in the glazed white tower, where the orange man faces working against the clock, 

Got gangs raping in the street, wearing white jumpsuits, faces caucasian are all the cops, 

Mace the ethnic races, indigenous, liberal and rebellious, 

Don’t anarch or face a tank on your own soil, hoses pointed making citizens frozen, landlocked in the dark, 

Even the women and the children are scarred, scared since their cultures became impaired, 

Lured into lairs of despairs, led by leaders who can’t do anything but refill the feeder,

Need a believer, a Bernie, Kennedy or Roosevelt, felt the heartfelt and know we can end up with evil dealt,

Can’t let that happen, so we can’t settle until we’ve been divvied what we deserve, 

Divided up the herb in hopes that’ll it come back a hundred-fold, 

Always been among the wolves, never hung with anyone who ain’t cold,

Always bold, always bold, break boundaries like cannonballs in war,

I corrode, known to erode the roads of my rivals, lead them to dead ends while I’m runnin’ ahead,

Gunning on my legs, lunging then reclaiming my name as I take the bosses head,

Toss him ‘till he’s red, send his company somewhere similar, end any profit dividends,

Been a friend of fiends who lose their dreams amongst nightmares that scream to be seen,

Teaming up with a teemed up hive of swarming lies, most people end their lives petrified, 

I’m hoping to dodge those woes like I’m Tyson and to my foes I’m untouchable, 

Dodge drafts like Ali though, fuck dying for a disaster of a complex running on death and oil despots,

Depots of the pot, deposits of the rock, turn ‘em into those crazes the teens talk about in the parking lots,

Target the mass that doesn’t react when the ones on bad tracks try to subtract, 

It’s black math when the rag-tag take on the shadow class, the genies behind witchcraft, 

I’ve been trash, and with that it taught me how to become the highest class, 

Because from the opposites, you learn the similarities, aware of variety is my only priority, 

Number one in my tool kit is originality, can’t stress that any more than my mind does on average to me, 

I’m saying I suffer from nerves that wreck me mentally, 

They also challenge me, force me to break outside of my borders, let the immigrants free, 

Let the imminent threats be faced, we got a changing globe, dying on the daily, 

Hopefully humanity isn’t as crazy as the soul inside of me.

Hopefully my friends can see the crazy and fly above the lethargy.

Hopefully my family knows I’m crazy so that I could give them all luxury. 

Hopefully humanity is crazy as the soul inside of me.


Down shots like I’m duckin’ gun pops, 

Run hot from fat cops who can’t get any other job,

I’m a master of a mob of jobless who rob the homeless, praising no God,

Fuck-wads with dumb plots, sour like those kumquats, 

Rum bott’, usin’ drugs like they got expiration dates, 

Been a dude who ain’t great, known to meddle in the muddy days, 

Since then been bloody cause the sweat isn’t enough of a sacrifice,

Burn skin sliding on ice, froze lava and made the heavens drop at night,

I turn the light to the dark, make water burn until it sparks, 

Known to bark at buglers, peel off my foe’s hides, would I steal their bark?

Of course. Never known to have remorse, rather lack empathy like a green horse,

Been off course since the coarse sand separated under my broken prepubescent skin, 

Never been skinny too much, mentioning skin too much, dermatology in my cranium, 

I go off-topic like schizophrenics, showing you mathematics, end up planting geraniums, 

Got pain in my station, had to harbor disbeliefs that haunt sheep in their sleep, 

But know how to conquer, so the lion has his dreams in a realm beyond deep,

Got the helm guided by a fairer sight, a perilous journey can only led by someone bright,

The type to prosper in disaster are the castaways who faced hellish days and still wanted to fight,

I might be one of them, but I’ve been known to lazy around and never be nice, 

I’m off-right, not right, off-the-way, alt-sight of anyone who came from American towns, 

Barely been browned in pans like rustic food from Indians or Japan, 

White like those who chomp bran, stomp brains cause the ignorant run the game, 

Haven’t they told you, haven’t they sat you down and explained?

It’s all rigged, trickin’ the targeted to get triggered, then blamed, 

Then named in the paper, ostracized and left out to dry, it ain’t tamed here,

Got the same fears as the kid who once piloted this ship, 

But overcame them all, just repeating cycles like seasons shift, 

Or when the mist comes in and ends the skippy feeling like when you on piff, 

I diss nothing but everything when I’m fucked up, I’m an asshole, 

Been practical though, most my life I’ve slanted faults and remained gault as I pass my goals, 

I tackled my foes in the summer of the screams, burned more green than any forest fire,

I’m a candid liar, can’t perspire when the desire peaks in moments of dire,

Hate being a buyer, love being a supplier,

Hugs to all my rivals, got hate for my friends from The Shire, 

I’m an oxymoron like those moron’s on Oxy, keep me goin’ skyward. 


The Great Awakening has begun, 

Fueled by fibers that connect coasts and host Hitler jokes,

Immaturity interlaced with intelligence of the highest degree,

Even the most pious hasn’t seen this height, can’t even dream it,

Beam it up to Scotty, got to plot new treks through stars is the next destination,

No final like the teacher is the best, never a finale when life just cycles like rallies,

Pal, I never had any money, so I had to journey, make it all worth my injury, 

My bloody, sweaty trials- we all have them; What’s yours?

Poured up more bottom shelf than a homeless alcoholic, 

I’ve been brought to burial sites and told to find the light,

Been burdened with bushy furrowed brows telling me not to act bold,

Restrain and be like the rest of the mold that engulfs this giant globe,

Defiant since before I got old, had it engrained in brain since preadolescence,

Peasant since tadpole, got pleasant despite the pestilence, 

Dice spin and got a mad roll, then the cash flow, then the madness grows, 

Vent and vent ‘till the exhaust is toxic and the mind is rotten, that’s when you know you need growth,

That’s usually when ignorance begins to boast, wakes up arrogance and fills your ego, 

Reload every night and feel the peace go, they say going to sleep can be spiritual, 

Beautiful can’t detail the female that my iris usually dances over, 

I prance through the Autumn leaves, run as if the hunters are chasing me,

Feel the feeling of moss gripping your ankles, wet dew stickin’ to your wool socks, 

Pull ‘em off and become a creature, lick the essence of enchanted features, 

I mean engorge on the foliage, forage for fungus and forge a connection with Frodo, 

Not a bozo, don’t clown with the corporate type, more likely to be found with hobos and the like,

Hike 10 miles just to see a loving heart smile, 

We all go wandering on days when the sadness is haunting, 

Daunting are the tasks we make up to mask our hidden nightmares,

Glass over passions cause the system is beggin’ for you to be last,

But at last the lower class has opened its mind, eyes peeled back like the clock is clementine, 

Don’t need to read my mind, just peek inside an average guy in any time, 

It’ll read the same, the text transcribes like the Bible, similar every time,

Disassociate, feel the dams break and the crowd’s hate, 

Roll the tape, open the gates, the children of today have evolved to be great, 

The children of tomorrow will leave the evil elders backed to a corner with no escape, 

The weight of the world is on our shoulders, time’s on our side, your date is late and we’re taking our space.


Bushwacked, smack in the back of a Trunk bed flat,

Cookin’ pig racks, puffin’ upon some green crack,

I never see days where misery doesn’t seep its fingers into,

Always got a glance of the darkness, even from atop the pious podium,

Bold with a stadium of ideas linin’ my laced cranium,

We keep the magic in boxes only meant to be unlatched after death,

Need to change ways like the tide flips, river reverse it,

I reroute flows, spark flame, freeze ice and melt lava,

Grow life, kill death, blossom the forest and checkmate a genius, 

Girl like Venus, body egregious, teamed up with the cleanest, 

While I be a beast, she a beauty to my body that freaks,

She squeaky, lean left when the right mind picks a wrong, 

They cheat off geeks and hope they get the fame they don’t deserve, 

So meek, while the politicians clean off their minks and claim they ain’t sheik,

Fucking hypocrites. Rather watch a hippo crunch up their kids,

I munch on fibs, watch lies eat up fools, spit their food back out at them, 

I attack like a rhythm, got algorithms and mathematics used to conquer these fanatics,

Back like a tadpole to tell his brothers what the pond really glisten’s for,

Pissed off in a bore, took a tour to even the score, get my weight up like covered in back sores,

Attack in the war, only defend when we’re overrun, 

Leading ‘till I got the plaque in the back of the lodge, 

Days always hodgepodge, disasters hit ya, better duck like dodgeball, 

Better get goose-y with the gander, no chickens ‘round my squadron,

Weeks been grey, so we added Grey Goose and the malaise drifted away, 

Picking up a different way, hopin’ that this schtick will pay,

Losing losers in a loose-kept land, they all snake their way out the grass if they can, 

Bake in the sun since the days of childhood chants,

Fate never had a chance, just drove destiny insane ‘till it broke it’s chains,

Had a threesome with luck and fucked up your day, conceived your shitty life like yesterday’s lunch,

I mean they shit it out, smeared it on toilets, hoped you got a backup plan,

Been smacked by rams, had to let him know who the real goat was, 

Greatest of all time, gonna get the hall of fame in no time, 

Just rhyme over bass lines, all I do with this weird mind,

Beard and beers are just signs that lead to panties dropping in their prime,

Drip similar to a faucet, moist with no off switch, 

Classic cliches always make for the better moments, so why do we hate them?

Bait men to do devilish deeds, spent the night crying out on my knees,

She did the same, and the pain just constrained until it was beyond the ability to tame,

Lights out, night’s come, 

Minutes dwindled, brains feeble,

Legs shake, lies are faked,

Eventually we all disintegrate.


Found treasure troves in mountainous coves, 

Tout about how I have the most bountiful groves, 

Those actions do have answers, finding mind’s spiral inward, 

Narcissus faces the mirror and learned how sin worked,

Never been hurt in these precious moments, coated with potent, 

Got a coat on and it’s scorching, the human mind is disorienting, 

Been blind when the awkward started baffling, foes get to cackling, 

Made from mockeries that bring down royalty, 

The family is preposterous, known to drain fifths and throw fists,

It’s exactly what the rich people say about peasants,

Master of a task that’s fit for a pheasant, 

You’re mind numbing, losing sanity while sand falls out your grip, 

You’re losing time, the eye watches closely nearby, 

The guide left moons ago, seasons past and still you don’t know where to go,

You’ve got nowhere to go, know where you can control, 

That’s when you gain it back and get your ball to roll, 

Your call is on the phone, you just lack the hands to pick it up,

You need to take a stand where other man haven’t, 

Rise as if smoke thickens the lower floors,

Watch flowers bloom in smog as metal cripples us more,

Typical Millennial, drown in sorrow before seeing the hope of tomorrow,

Or do better than your ancestors and put forefathers to shame, 

It’s a choice like a game, pick a lane and save the dame, 

Blame only yourself, the mathematics work out, 

You’re only doing numbers against your health, 

All the symbols in your head and still someone will find you dead, 

You gotta move like cougars are on your tail,

I’ve never seen prey become a predator, they always fail.